Recent Price Changes For All Platforms

TitleOld PriceNew PriceDateShare
Pro Fishing Simulator Xbox One (xboxone)£36.99£34.95 (Saving 5.52%)16/01/19
Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (xboxone)£24.99£23.69 (Saving 5.2%)16/01/19
Overcooked 2 (switch)£28.94£23.95 (Saving 17.24%)16/01/19
NBA 2K19 (ps4)£34.09£27 (Saving 20.8%)16/01/19
LEGO Movie 2 The Video Game (xboxone)£28.85£26.85 (Saving 6.93%)16/01/19
LEGO Movie 2 The Video Game (ps4)£28.85£26.85 (Saving 6.93%)16/01/19
LEGO Movie 2 The Video Game (switch)£28.85£26.85 (Saving 6.93%)16/01/19
Hitman 2 Collectors Edition (xboxone)£103.2£100.2 (Saving 2.91%)16/01/19
God Eater 3 (ps4)£49.99£38.85 (Saving 22.28%)16/01/19
FIFA 19 Steelbook for Champions Edition exclusive to Amazon co uk No Game Included (ps4)£11.61£9.68 (Saving 16.62%)16/01/19
FIFA 19 Legacy Edition (ps3)£46.65£29.99 (Saving 35.71%)16/01/19
Far Cry New Dawn (xboxone)£32.85£31.85 (Saving 3.04%)16/01/19
Far Cry New Dawn (ps4)£32.85£31.85 (Saving 3.04%)16/01/19
Detroit Become Human (ps4)£19.85£17.98 (Saving 9.42%)16/01/19
Darkest Dungeon Ancestral Edition (switch)£26.16£25.75 (Saving 1.57%)16/01/19
Conan Exiles Day One Edition (ps4)£34.75£20.49 (Saving 41.04%)16/01/19
Carnival Games (switch)£28.94£25.95 (Saving 10.33%)16/01/19
Asterix and Obelix XXL2 Limited Edition (xboxone)£39.69£35.95 (Saving 9.42%)16/01/19
AO International Tennis (ps4)£39.99£25.99 (Saving 35.01%)16/01/19
Red Dead Redemption 2 (xboxone)£44.85£42.95 (Saving 4.24%)15/01/19
Ratchet and Clank PlayStation Hits (ps4)£14.95£14.69 (Saving 1.74%)15/01/19
Pro Fishing Simulator Xbox One (xboxone)£37.93£36.99 (Saving 2.48%)15/01/19
Nintendo Selects Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3ds)£17.99£16.98 (Saving 5.61%)15/01/19
NHL 19 (xboxone)£37.85£34.99 (Saving 7.56%)15/01/19
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (ps4)£17.85£14.85 (Saving 16.81%)15/01/19
NBA 2K19 (ps4)£47.89£34.09 (Saving 28.82%)15/01/19
MX vs ATV All Out (pc)£21.94£21.7 (Saving 1.09%)15/01/19
Little Nightmares Complete Edition (switch)£26.83£26.81 (Saving 0.07%)15/01/19
Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition (switch)£23.49£23.47 (Saving 0.09%)15/01/19
Just Dance 2019 (ps4)£29.99£25.99 (Saving 13.34%)15/01/19
Just Dance 2019 (wiiu)£34.95£31.99 (Saving 8.47%)15/01/19
God of War (ps4)£37.09£36.43 (Saving 1.78%)15/01/19
Football Manager 2019 PC CD (pc)£24.94£20.99 (Saving 15.84%)15/01/19
FIFA 19 (xboxone)£37.95£34.95 (Saving 7.91%)15/01/19
Elder Scrolls Online Summerset Collectors Edition (ps4)£89.99£79.14 (Saving 12.06%)15/01/19
Dragon Ball FighterZ (switch)£44.19£35.95 (Saving 18.65%)15/01/19
Dragon Ball Evolution (psp)£8.17£8.16 (Saving 0.12%)15/01/19
Dragons Crown Pro Battle Hardened Edition (ps4)£39.57£39.55 (Saving 0.05%)15/01/19
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hackers Memory (ps4)£20.02£11.99 (Saving 40.11%)15/01/19
Destiny 2 The Forsaken Legendary Collection Limited Edition with Bonus Digital Content Collectors Items Exclusive to Amazon co uk (xboxone)£43.99£34.68 (Saving 21.16%)15/01/19
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (xboxone)£31.95£29.95 (Saving 6.26%)15/01/19
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (ps4)£17.95£17.59 (Saving 2.01%)15/01/19
A O T 2 (switch)£54.99£19.95 (Saving 63.72%)15/01/19
Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition (ps4)£14.69£13.95 (Saving 5.04%)15/01/19
Agony (xboxone)£15.83£15.3 (Saving 3.35%)15/01/19
8 To Glory (xboxone)£16.62£16.58 (Saving 0.24%)15/01/19
Punch Line PS4 Limited Edition (ps4)£34.95£32.97 (Saving 5.67%)14/01/19
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (ps4)£37.75£24.99 (Saving 33.8%)14/01/19
Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Including Poke Ball Plus (switch)£84.95£84.9 (Saving 0.06%)14/01/19
Penny Punching Princess for Nintendo Switch (switch)£37.14£31.37 (Saving 15.54%)14/01/19