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AO INTERNATIONAL TENNIS is the most advanced tennis game ever produced. It combines fully licensed, photo realistic players with a decade’s worth of historical shot data that enhances their AI so that they play just like their real-life counterparts, right down to shot selection at any given point of time in a match. Comprehensive career, tournament and online play modes make this the most in-depth tennis game ever created and sets a new standard for what a tennis game can offer fans. Licensed To Offer A Depth Of Tennis Experiences AO International Tennis includes plenty of fully licensed players, including Rafael Nadal and Angelique Kerber. Tennis isn’t just about the superstars; you’ll be able to take on some of the future heroes of the sport, such as Hyeon Chung, Naomi Osaka (and many more), and follow their heroics through the very biggest tournaments. Play Around The World Play glamorous and prestigious tournaments all over the world in AO International Tennis, on all court surfaces. Take the title in Singles, Doubles or Mixed Doubles. Select your favourite player - or play as yourself through an entire career, all the way to #1 and the biggest championships of them all. Play On Hard, Grass, Or Clay Courts Play on your surface of choice, each has a distinct play style and presents different challenges. Master the techniques required for each and adjust your approach to truly excel. Customise Matches! Play an epic 5-set Grand Slam final, or play with one of the more experimental formats, like Fast Four, for a quicker tennis game. Or design your own! AO International Tennis is all about customisation, allowing you to play your game, your way. Not Artificial Intelligence, Actual Intelligence AO International Tennis’ players hit the ball based on 10 years of ball tracking data for maximum authenticity. They’ll use angles and know exactly when to drive home the winner. When you play one of the licensed p




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