Super Chariot


Super Chariot Includes*: Designed for Nintendo Switch, Super Chariot is a 2D-platform game that can be played through to the end in either solo or co-op mode. You play as either the brave Princess or her faithful fianc in a subterranean fantasy adventure...Manoeuvre the wheeled coffin of the dead King through 25 levels and five colourful environments, trying to ignore the incessant insults of the King's ghost.With original gameplay and an innovative physics engine, hours of exciting exploration, hair-raising sliding sequences and mountains of treasure lie ahead!Set out on an epic adventure and give His Majesty the trip of his death. Guide a Super Chariot containing the remains of your King through a network of subterranean caverns. On your own or with a friend, lead the brave Princess and her faithful fianc through the catacombs in search of the ideal resting spot for the King!The Super Chariot's large wheels enable the heroes to cross crevasses, climb and perform all sorts of perilous manoeuvres. Take the riches from the walls of the many varied environments, find the exit and avoid (or repulse) all the different enemies who try to steal your hard-earned loot! Put your skill, co-ordination and daring to the test as you try to finish all the levels and dangers aplenty in Super Chariot. Effective teamwork will open up even more possibilities... *Digital content may require a UK Nintendo account to download




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