Nintendo Labo Toy Con 01 Variety Kit


Includes five different projects: - Two Toy-Con RC Cars - Toy-Con Fishing Rod - Toy-Con House - Toy-Con Motorbike - Toy-Con Piano Rev up your race by using the Toy-Con Motorbike creation from your Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit to control your kart in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game for the Nintendo Switch system! Enjoy every game mode and every vehicle type with this immersive, interactive controller option. Up to four players can play at the same time with their own Toy-Con Motorbike creations and Joy-Con controllers. Play in TV Mode or with your Nintendo Switch system inserted directly into your Motorbike. (Game, system, Nintendo Labo: Variety Kit and additional Joy-Con sold separately. Be sure to download the latest software update to enable this feature.) Toy-Con RC Car Use your Nintendo Switch touch screen to control your own Toy-Con RC Car. The Toy-Con RC Car is powered by vibrations in the Joy-Con controllers and can even follow a path of magnetic tape by using the IR motion camera in the right Joy-Con controller. Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Software Each kit includes a physical version of the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit software. Parts and Materials - Cardboard sheet x 28 (includes extra sheet for customization) - Reflective sticker sheet x 3 - Sponge sheet x 3 - String (orange) x 1 - String (blue) x 1 - Grommet set (gray) x 1 - Grommet set (blue) x 4 - Rubber band (large) x 2 + spares - Rubber band (small) x 6 + spares Features -Type: Set -Platform: Nintendo Switch -Colour of product: Multicolour -Compatibility: Nintendo Switch




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