Call of Duty WWII


Call Of Duty: WWII is the latest action shooter from Activision, bring the epic series back to it's roots with self proclaimed "boots on the ground" action and an epic, World War 2 setting fill with heart pounding moments and gut wrenching cinematic set pieces. WWII brings home classic weapons, iconic scenery and majestic battlegrounds, providing the truly unique Call of Duty atmosphere in a brand new environment. Recreate WW2 battles with truly immersive visuals and sound with the latest COD from Sledgehammer Games. Campaign mode sees players engage in intense iconic battles within European settings. Multiplayer immerses the player in realistic WW2 situations, complete with authentic weapons, run-and-gun action, and exciting modes of play in historically-themed locations. Nazi Zombies! Co-operative mode brings players together with an original story set in a snowy Bavarian village, featuring a dark, terrifying new enemy, offering unexpected, adrenaline-pumping moments. All new Divisions and War Mode options in Multiplayer




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