3 Pin UK Standard Charging AC Power Adapter for GamePad


This product is designed to supply power to Wii U console very easy to use. Plug its DC jack plug into the Wii U console to supply power when using. This product uses wide voltage input (compatible with AC 100~240V),which avoids the defect of using AC 110v only with original Nintendo adapter. it supports to use both AC 100v and AC 240V. This adapter does not provide power to the console and the game pad, [however for the benefit of clarity] it's only function is to charge the game pad and does not power the actual console Features and specifications Input AC voltage: 110V-240V Output DC: 15V/5A 5Amp replaceable fused With the function of short-circuit protection Shell material:ABS Operating instructions Plug AC cable with digital "8" shape into the adapter, plug the other end into AC 110V or AC 220V power supply. Plug DC jack plug of the adapter into Wii u console. Connect your Wii u console with HDMI, IR sensor. bar and TV. Turn on the TV and Wii U console. Cautions Make sure to plug AC cable with digital "8" Shape into the adapter in the right way, and contact well. Make sure to Plug DC jack plug of the adapter into Wii U console in the right way. Please pull out this product from Wii U console when cleaning. Please don't keep this product in humid environment for a long time.. Please don't knock or squeeze this product to extend tis using life. Please stop using this product and don't dismantle it by yourself if it is soaking or broken, and sen it to professional maintenance department immediately. Please don't use microwave oven or other external heat equipment to dry this product. Buyers Note: This updated safty stardard 5Anp fused unit replaces the listed products sold on ebay and amazon This complies with EU stardard and safty




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