2in 1 Mein Fohlen 2D with my Rider Yard 3D Rivalen on the Saddle 3DS


Hamburg, 10th December 2013with my foal 3D is with the "Child's Room. Here you can write the proud Besitzerinnen show that great Pferdeflusterer inside you. In My Rider yard 3d-on the saddle are neighing sounds and Geklapper's rivals in the air and the end exciting adventure high on horseback.* My foal 3D:With My foal 3D is the dream of many girls. Immediately conjures up the Nintendo 3DS with a Augmented Reality Cards A Satisfaction Schnaubendes foal middle into the nursery. The popular Haflinger horses to the special rare, Ukraine Tersk 26different breeds wait for great hours with your new owners. Available in 8MiniGames can also show that great Pferdeflusterer inside you. The system is in your hand and haltend on the side for rotary, the Schutzlinge using the motion detection Longiert to top of the Champions Auszubilden. In Scenic Landscape is also a formidable obstacle course for jumping exercises. Stunning tricks expand the repertoire the leisure activities, thanks to the three dimensional design the impression bring, as Bef nden, the game ends in the middle of action. Also Innige Interaktionen will not too short. So make the animals) to hug and crawl, Stunden you truly from the SpielerInnen. Beautiful Herausgeputzt can enjoy the young horse in the StreetPass For A Hands Free Experience When viewing a beauty contest against way and the data stored on other Nintendo 3DS in the area.* My Rider yard 3d on the saddle's rivals:Horse, friends, adventure: a Ereignisreiche time High On Ross Wa




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