Razer Wildcat Gaming Controller


EXPERIENCE TRUE CONSOLE GAMING SUPREMACY THE WAY THE PROS DO, WITH THE RAZER WILDCAT FOR XBOX ONE GAMING CONTROLLER.Made for tournament play and developed with feedback from the world s best eSports athletes, this ultimate gaming controller packs four additional Multi-Function Buttons over the ordinary controller layout for unparalleled customizability. The optimized weight, optional palm grips and reinforced wired connection are designed for long gaming sessions and gives you the unfair advantage over your foes whether it s in training or in critical tournament moments.With full customizability to create dedicated button layout profiles for each of your games or tweak your audio settings on the fly, the Razer Wildcat for Xbox One gives you absolute control without any distractions.FOUR ADDITIONAL FULLY-PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS FOR PERSONALIZED CONTROL LAYOUTSDesigned to be a cut above the rest, the Razer Wildcat has four additional buttons two bumpers at the shoulders and two removable triggers on the underside. Positioned right at your fingertips, these Multi-Function Buttons can be individually set to remap any of the other controls found on the controller. With the ability to freestyle the configuration of your controller, you get to decide exactly how you pwn the competition.ERGONOMIC SHAPE AND WEIGHT FAVORED BY TOP ESPORTS ATHLETESEngineered to give gamers the most comfortable gaming experience even during the most intense of battles, the Razer Wildcat is based on the same familiar weight as the standard Xbox One controller and features a refined ergonomic shape, complemented by the placement of the Multi-Function Buttons. Together with the tactile feel of the Hyperesponse ABXY buttons, this stellar controller is perfect for staying on top of your game during extended training sessions and critical tournament moments. QUICK CONTROL PANEL FOR EASY PROFILE...




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Amazon - Razer Wildcat Gaming Controller (Xbox One) - Razer Wildcat Gaming Controller (Xbox One)£99.71 + £0.00p&p


Zavvi - Razer Wildcat Xbox One Controller - XboxOneRazer Wildcat Xbox One Controller£109.99 + £0.00p&p


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