//Recent Price Changes For Xbox One

TitleOld PriceNew PriceDateShare
XB1 Realms of Arkania (xboxone)£28.85£16.19 (Saving 43.88%)20/01/18
The Sims 4 Deluxe Party Edition (xboxone)£35.95£34.85 (Saving 3.06%)20/01/18
Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition (xboxone)£22.69£21.99 (Saving 3.09%)20/01/18
Stardew Valley Collectors Edition (xboxone)£13.99£13.85 (Saving 1%)20/01/18
Prey (xboxone)£10.99£10.85 (Saving 1.27%)20/01/18
Prey (xboxone)£10.99£10.85 (Saving 1.27%)20/01/18
Need For Speed Payback (xboxone)£37.94£34.85 (Saving 8.14%)20/01/18
Madden NFL 18 (xboxone)£34.95£21.99 (Saving 37.08%)20/01/18
LEGO The Ninjago Movie Videogame (xboxone)£19.99£19.85 (Saving 0.7%)20/01/18
LEGO City Undercover (xboxone)£17.95£15.85 (Saving 11.7%)20/01/18
Lego City Undercover (xboxone)£18.85£15.85 (Saving 15.92%)20/01/18
Just Dance 2018 (xboxone)£25.85£25 (Saving 3.29%)20/01/18
Fortnite (xboxone)£42.85£41.99 (Saving 2.01%)20/01/18
FIFA 18 Ronaldo Pre Order Edition (xboxone)£79.99£75.74 (Saving 5.31%)20/01/18
Dirt 4 Day One Edition (xboxone)£28.99£24 (Saving 17.21%)20/01/18
Call of Duty Black OPS 3 Gold Edition Xbox one (xboxone)£24.85£19.95 (Saving 19.72%)20/01/18
Assassins Creed Origins (xboxone)£36.79£32.85 (Saving 10.71%)20/01/18
Yooka Laylee (xboxone)£14.35£10.99 (Saving 23.41%)19/01/18
Styx Shards of Darkness (xboxone)£14.79£14.29 (Saving 3.38%)19/01/18
Project CARS 2 Collectors Edition (xboxone)£67.28£67.01 (Saving 0.4%)19/01/18
PES 2018 (xboxone)£34.5£29.85 (Saving 13.48%)19/01/18
Overwatch Game of the Year Edition (xboxone)£31.91£29.28 (Saving 8.24%)19/01/18
Outlast Trinity (xboxone)£18.85£14.99 (Saving 20.48%)19/01/18
Middle earth Shadow of War Mithril Edition Exclusive to Amazon co uk (xboxone)£199.3£197.6 (Saving 0.85%)19/01/18
Metal Gear Survive (xboxone)£25£21.95 (Saving 12.2%)19/01/18
LEGO Worlds (xboxone)£17.75£14.99 (Saving 15.55%)19/01/18
LEGO The Ninjago Movie Videogame (xboxone)£22.99£19.99 (Saving 13.05%)19/01/18
Just Dance 2018 (xboxone)£26.85£25.85 (Saving 3.72%)19/01/18
Just Cause 3 Gold Edition (xboxone)£26.74£25.43 (Saving 4.9%)19/01/18
Friday the 13th The Game (xboxone)£26.29£23.99 (Saving 8.75%)19/01/18
Fifa 18 Ronaldo Edition (xboxone)£68.6£65.91 (Saving 3.92%)19/01/18
Dark Souls 3 The Fire Fades (xboxone)£33.99£32.89 (Saving 3.24%)19/01/18
Conan Exiles Day One Edition (xboxone)£44.99£39.99 (Saving 11.11%)19/01/18
Battlefield 1 Revolution (xboxone)£21.85£18.85 (Saving 13.73%)19/01/18
Assassins Creed Origins (xboxone)£38.85£36.79 (Saving 5.3%)19/01/18
Ashes Cricket (xboxone)£24.85£19.99 (Saving 19.56%)19/01/18
The Evil Within 2 Game (xboxone)£14.9£13.96 (Saving 6.31%)18/01/18
Syberia 3 (xboxone)£13.99£11.85 (Saving 15.3%)18/01/18
Spintires Mudrunner (xboxone)£27.75£21.99 (Saving 20.76%)18/01/18
Sonic Forces (xboxone)£29.99£28 (Saving 6.64%)18/01/18
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Season Pass Edition (xboxone)£24.99£17.29 (Saving 30.81%)18/01/18
Real Farm Sim (xboxone)£27.89£23.59 (Saving 15.42%)18/01/18
Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2018 Legendary Edition (xboxone)£52.63£42.6 (Saving 19.06%)18/01/18
Project CARS 2 Collectors Edition (xboxone)£67.75£67.28 (Saving 0.69%)18/01/18
Overwatch Game of the Year Edition (xboxone)£37.55£31.91 (Saving 15.02%)18/01/18
Far Cry 5 Gold Edition (xboxone)£66£59 (Saving 10.61%)18/01/18
Dreamfall Chapters (xboxone)£23.94£12.02 (Saving 49.79%)18/01/18
De Blob (xboxone)£13.7£13.49 (Saving 1.53%)18/01/18
Conan Exiles Collectors Edition (xboxone)£69.99£64.99 (Saving 7.14%)18/01/18
Cities Skylines (xboxone)£26.95£21.99 (Saving 18.4%)18/01/18