//Recent Price Changes For Nintendo DS

TitleOld PriceNew PriceDateShare
Zubo (nds)£2.45£2.33 (Saving 4.9%)27/07/15
Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes (nds)£14.54£10.99 (Saving 24.42%)27/07/15
Ready Steady Cook (nds)£3.59£3.49 (Saving 2.79%)27/07/15
Petz My Monkey Family (nds)£6.49£4.4 (Saving 32.2%)27/07/15
Margots Word Brain (nds)£12.86£12.85 (Saving 0.08%)27/07/15
Mahjong Mysteries Ancient Egypt (nds)£10.35£10.26 (Saving 0.87%)27/07/15
Lego Harry Potter Years 5 7 Includes Lego Mini Build Set Toy (nds)£12.99£8.99 (Saving 30.79%)27/07/15
Professor Kageyamas Maths Training (nds)£20.99£18.49 (Saving 11.91%)26/07/15
Pokemon Black 2 (nds)£27.99£27.96 (Saving 0.11%)26/07/15
LEGO Ninjago (nds)£8.99£7.99 (Saving 11.12%)26/07/15
LEGO Legends of Chima Lavals Journey (nds)£6.95£5.95 (Saving 14.39%)26/07/15
Lego Legends of Chima Lavals Journey (nds)£6.95£5.95 (Saving 14.39%)26/07/15
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction (nds)£9.09£5.84 (Saving 35.75%)26/07/15
Rythmn and Notes (nds)£9.11£9.02 (Saving 0.99%)25/07/15
Personal Yoga Training (nds)£8.6£4.11 (Saving 52.21%)25/07/15
Golden Sun Dark Dawn (nds)£14.63£12.99 (Saving 11.21%)25/07/15
Gardening Guide RHS Endorsed (nds)£3.24£2.99 (Saving 7.72%)25/07/15
Cars 2 (nds)£4.95£4.75 (Saving 4.04%)25/07/15
Professor Layton and The Curious Village (nds)£25.55£16.99 (Saving 33.5%)24/07/15
Point Blank (nds)£15£14.88 (Saving 0.8%)24/07/15
Di Gata (nds)£8.22£8.17 (Saving 0.61%)24/07/15
Disney Planes (nds)£10.86£10.81 (Saving 0.46%)24/07/15
Agatha Christie The ABC Murders (nds)£4.44£4.19 (Saving 5.63%)23/07/15
Zoo Tycoon 2 DS (nds)£46.72£46.24 (Saving 1.03%)23/07/15
The Smurfs (nds)£11.54£11.53 (Saving 0.09%)23/07/15
The Golden Compass (nds)£5.66£4.87 (Saving 13.96%)23/07/15
Secrets of the Titanic (nds)£4.18£3.89 (Saving 6.94%)23/07/15
Puzzler World 2013 (nds)£12.74£4.79 (Saving 62.4%)23/07/15
Professor Heinz Wolffs Gravity (nds)£4.54£4.19 (Saving 7.71%)23/07/15
Pokemon Conquest (nds)£20.79£18.99 (Saving 8.66%)23/07/15
Imagine Movie Star (nds)£3.74£3.49 (Saving 6.68%)23/07/15
Imagine Modern Dancer (nds)£3.74£3.49 (Saving 6.68%)23/07/15
Dolphin Island (nds)£13.99£7.99 (Saving 42.89%)23/07/15
Avatar The Burning Earth (nds)£7.39£5.03 (Saving 31.94%)23/07/15
Agatha Christie The ABC Murders (nds)£4.44£4.19 (Saving 5.63%)22/07/15
7 Wonders Treasures of Seven (nds)£9.49£5.76 (Saving 39.3%)22/07/15
Wire Way (nds)£16.73£16.69 (Saving 0.24%)22/07/15
Winter Sports 2009 (nds)£3.89£3.59 (Saving 7.71%)22/07/15
Violetta Rhythm and Music (nds)£11.9£11.29 (Saving 5.13%)22/07/15
The Smurfs (nds)£11.58£11.54 (Saving 0.35%)22/07/15
Rango (nds)£9.39£7.73 (Saving 17.68%)22/07/15
Moshi Monsters Moshlings Theme Park (nds)£4.29£3.99 (Saving 6.99%)22/07/15
Margots Word Brain (nds)£12.9£12.86 (Saving 0.31%)22/07/15
Love is in Bloom (nds)£8.04£7.97 (Saving 0.87%)22/07/15
Dreamworks Megamind The Blue Defender (nds)£5.76£5.09 (Saving 11.63%)22/07/15
Club Penguin Herberts Revenge (nds)£4.99£4.75 (Saving 4.81%)22/07/15
Chainz Galaxy (nds)£11.43£11.37 (Saving 0.52%)22/07/15
Activity Meter Green (nds)£12.41£12.37 (Saving 0.32%)21/07/15
Wire Way (nds)£17.39£16.73 (Saving 3.8%)21/07/15
Super Mario 64 DS (nds)£24.3£23.99 (Saving 1.28%)21/07/15