Recent Price Changes For All Platforms

TitleOld PriceNew PriceDateShare
Scribblenauts Showdown (ps4)£13.95£9.95 (Saving 28.67%)17/11/18
Scribblenauts Showdown (ps4)£13.95£9.95 (Saving 28.67%)17/11/18
Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul (ps4)£18.99£16.99 (Saving 10.53%)17/11/18
Rick and Morty Virtual Rick Ality (ps4)£29.89£27.29 (Saving 8.7%)17/11/18
Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (ps4)£24.85£19.99 (Saving 19.56%)17/11/18
Red Dead Redemption 2 (ps4)£47.85£45.95 (Saving 3.97%)17/11/18
Punch Line (ps4)£19.99£17.85 (Saving 10.71%)17/11/18
PS4 Realms of Arkania (ps4)£7.95£6.95 (Saving 12.58%)17/11/18
PS4 Atelier Lydie and Suelle (ps4)£38.75£17.99 (Saving 53.57%)17/11/18
Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu Including Poke Ball Plus (switch)£79.95£74.99 (Saving 6.2%)17/11/18
Paw Patrol On a roll (switch)£27.85£22.98 (Saving 17.49%)17/11/18
Owlboy Limited Edition (ps4)£46.35£43.43 (Saving 6.3%)17/11/18
Overwatch Legendary Edition (pc)£25.95£24.99 (Saving 3.7%)17/11/18
Onrush (xboxone)£12.99£10.98 (Saving 15.47%)17/11/18
Onrush (ps4)£11.95£9.95 (Saving 16.74%)17/11/18
Okami (xboxone)£14.29£12.85 (Saving 10.08%)17/11/18
Octopath Traveler (switch)£39.9£38.99 (Saving 2.28%)17/11/18
No Mans Sky (xboxone)£32.99£29.99 (Saving 9.09%)17/11/18
Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom (ps4)£17.85£16.85 (Saving 5.6%)17/11/18
NHL 19 (xboxone)£44.95£36.99 (Saving 17.71%)17/11/18
NHL 19 (ps4)£48.85£36.99 (Saving 24.28%)17/11/18
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (xboxone)£20.85£18.85 (Saving 9.59%)17/11/18
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (ps4)£19.85£18.85 (Saving 5.04%)17/11/18
My Riding Stables Life with Horses (ps4)£18.85£17.85 (Saving 5.31%)17/11/18
MotoGP 18 (xboxone)£19.85£17.85 (Saving 10.08%)17/11/18
Moonlighter (ps4)£15.95£15.85 (Saving 0.63%)17/11/18
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (switch)£34.85£28.85 (Saving 17.22%)17/11/18
Madden NFL 19 (xboxone)£39.99£36.99 (Saving 7.5%)17/11/18
Madden NFL 19 (ps4)£44.95£36.99 (Saving 17.71%)17/11/18
Little Nightmares Complete Edition (switch)£24.95£19.95 (Saving 20.04%)17/11/18
Life is Strange Before the Storm Limited Edition (xboxone)£13.85£12.85 (Saving 7.22%)17/11/18
Lego Harry Potter Collection (xboxone)£17.85£17.84 (Saving 0.06%)17/11/18
Kingdom Come Deliverance (xboxone)£27.95£19.95 (Saving 28.62%)17/11/18
Kingdom Come Deliverance (ps4)£27.95£19.95 (Saving 28.62%)17/11/18
Kingdom Come Deliverance (ps4)£27.95£19.95 (Saving 28.62%)17/11/18
Kingdom Come Deliverance (xboxone)£27.95£19.95 (Saving 28.62%)17/11/18
Just Dance 2019 (xbox360)£24.95£22.94 (Saving 8.06%)17/11/18
Just Dance 2019 (ps4)£39.95£27.99 (Saving 29.94%)17/11/18
Just Dance 2019 (wii)£23.52£22.94 (Saving 2.47%)17/11/18
Just Dance 2019 (switch)£36£31.99 (Saving 11.14%)17/11/18
Immortal Unchained (xboxone)£29.95£22.98 (Saving 23.27%)17/11/18
Immortal Unchained (ps4)£29.95£22.98 (Saving 23.27%)17/11/18
Harvest Moon Light of Hope Collectors Edition (switch)£49.2£39.99 (Saving 18.72%)17/11/18
Gravel (ps4)£10.95£9.95 (Saving 9.13%)17/11/18
Gal Gun 2 (switch)£14.95£13.99 (Saving 6.42%)17/11/18
Friday the 13th The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition (ps4)£25.75£22.85 (Saving 11.26%)17/11/18
Frantics A PlayLink Game (ps4)£18.98£17.8 (Saving 6.22%)17/11/18
Fishing Sim World (ps4)£21.85£19.85 (Saving 9.15%)17/11/18
Firewall Zero Hour and Aim Controller (ps4)£48.85£47.95 (Saving 1.84%)17/11/18
FIFA 19 (xboxone)£39.99£34 (Saving 14.98%)17/11/18