Recent Price Changes For All Platforms

TitleOld PriceNew PriceDateShare
Scribblenauts Showdown (xboxone)£20.59£20.44 (Saving 0.73%)03/02/19
Owlboy Limited Edition (switch)£64.36£63.56 (Saving 1.24%)03/02/19
Override Mech City Brawl Super Charged Mega Edition (ps4)£17.85£16.85 (Saving 5.6%)03/02/19
NBA 2K19 (xboxone)£28.94£24.99 (Saving 13.65%)03/02/19
Madden NFL 19 (ps4)£25.85£25.84 (Saving 0.04%)03/02/19
LEGO DC Super Villains (ps4)£27.85£22.95 (Saving 17.59%)03/02/19
Just Cause 4 (ps4)£25.95£25.85 (Saving 0.39%)03/02/19
Injustice 2 Legendary Edition (ps4)£31.94£27.99 (Saving 12.37%)03/02/19
FIFA 19 Legacy Edition (xbox360)£45.99£29.95 (Saving 34.88%)03/02/19
Far Cry 5 Gold Edition (xboxone)£32.85£31.85 (Saving 3.04%)03/02/19
Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (ps4)£19.19£16.85 (Saving 12.19%)03/02/19
Farming Simulator 19 Day One Edition (xboxone)£35.94£34.99 (Saving 2.64%)03/02/19
Desperados 3 Xbox One xbox one (xboxone)£39.99£39.95 (Saving 0.1%)03/02/19
Desperados 3 PC PC DVD (pc)£34.99£33.95 (Saving 2.97%)03/02/19
Conan Exiles Day One Edition (xboxone)£29.95£19.95 (Saving 33.39%)03/02/19
Cabelas The Hunt Championship Edition (switch)£49.95£39.99 (Saving 19.94%)03/02/19
ATV Drift and Tricks Nintendo Switch (nds)£18.99£17.85 (Saving 6%)03/02/19
Assassins Creed Odyssey Limited Edition (xboxone)£49.99£35.99 (Saving 28.01%)03/02/19
Anima Gate of Memories Nameless Chronicles (ps4)£17.98£15.39 (Saving 14.4%)03/02/19
Scribblenauts Showdown (xboxone)£20.65£20.59 (Saving 0.29%)02/02/19
Rick and Morty Virtual Rick Ality (ps4)£27.29£22.98 (Saving 15.79%)02/02/19
Red Dead Redemption 2 (xboxone)£43.85£42.85 (Saving 2.28%)02/02/19
Red Dead Redemption 2 (ps4)£47.24£46.85 (Saving 0.83%)02/02/19
Ratchet and Clank PlayStation Hits (ps4)£14.69£12.85 (Saving 12.53%)02/02/19
Project Highrise Architects Edition (xboxone)£23.95£17.98 (Saving 24.93%)02/02/19
Project Highrise Architects Edition (ps4)£23.95£17.98 (Saving 24.93%)02/02/19
PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS (ps4)£19.85£18.85 (Saving 5.04%)02/02/19
Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom (ps4)£11.95£11.85 (Saving 0.84%)02/02/19
Ni No Kuni 2 PS4 UK multi Revenant Kingdom (ps4)£12.84£11.85 (Saving 7.71%)02/02/19
NBA 2K19 (switch)£24.99£23.85 (Saving 4.56%)02/02/19
Moss (ps4)£15.85£14.85 (Saving 6.31%)02/02/19
LEGO The Incredibles (xboxone)£17.99£16.95 (Saving 5.78%)02/02/19
LEGO The Incredibles (switch)£27.99£24.99 (Saving 10.72%)02/02/19
LEGO DC Super Villains (switch)£28.85£25.95 (Saving 10.05%)02/02/19
Legendary Fishing (ps4)£21£20.92 (Saving 0.38%)02/02/19
Just Dance 2019 xbox one (xboxone)£46.99£25.95 (Saving 44.78%)02/02/19
Just Dance 2019 (ps4)£49.89£29.99 (Saving 39.89%)02/02/19
Just Dance 2019 (switch)£38.94£29.99 (Saving 22.98%)02/02/19
Hitman Definitive Edition (ps4)£39.95£21.49 (Saving 46.21%)02/02/19
HITMAN 2 xbox one (xboxone)£29.95£28.49 (Saving 4.87%)02/02/19
GRIP Combat Racing (ps4)£24.99£18.69 (Saving 25.21%)02/02/19
God of War (ps4)£35.76£35 (Saving 2.13%)02/02/19
Genesis Alpha One (xboxone)£22.95£20.85 (Saving 9.15%)02/02/19
Genesis Alpha One (ps4)£22.95£20.85 (Saving 9.15%)02/02/19
Friday the 13th The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition (ps4)£20.85£19.85 (Saving 4.8%)02/02/19
Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition (xboxone)£44.19£21.95 (Saving 50.33%)02/02/19
FIFA 19 Steelbook for Champions Edition exclusive to Amazon co uk No Game Included (ps4)£7.58£7.32 (Saving 3.43%)02/02/19
Far Cry New Dawn (ps4)£30.85£30.75 (Saving 0.32%)02/02/19
F1 2018 Headline Edition (xboxone)£44.85£39.94 (Saving 10.95%)02/02/19
F1 2018 Headline Edition (ps4)£39.95£39.94 (Saving 0.03%)02/02/19