Cities Skylines

Released 15/08/2017
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Cities: Skylines brings back classic management gameplay with an endless sandbox and new ways to expand the city.

Aiming at a deep, creative and accessible experience, the game varies in how hardcore it is but will always offer a genuine challenge based on complex and rich systems.

Newly optimized for play on a controller, the PlayStation 4 Edition brings the creative management game to consoles along with Cities: Skylines After Dark, the game TMs nightlife-focused expansion.

PlayStation 4 players finally have the opportunity to experience the award-winning management game, available for purchase via disc starting today.

Content Build the city of your dreams: Plan road networks, bus lines and parks.

Bring on a smog-filled industrial revolution or create a quiet beach town ideal for tourists powered by renewable energy.

Bring education, healthcare and safety to your citizens.

Build it your way!Key Features - Multi-tiered and challenging simulation: Playing as the mayor of your city, you TMll be faced with balancing essential requirements such as education, water electricity, police, firefighting, healthcare and much more, along with your city TMs economy.

Citizens within your city react fluidly, keeping you on your toes with ever-evolving demands.

- Extensive local traffic simulation: Managing traffic and the needs of your citizens to work and play will require the use of several interactive transport systems use careful road planning alongside buses, trains, subways, and much more.

- Districts and policies: Be more than just another city hall official! Create a car-free downtown area, assign free public transport to your waterfront, or ban pets in suburbia.

Designate parts of your city as a district in order to set policy at the local level, and give different parts of town their own personalities.

- After Dark included: Watch your city become an entirely different place at night: a day-night cycle will have your citizens seeking out places to unwind after work.

Add in new policies and zones to create popular hotspots and provide enough taxis and trains to get to and from the clubs! You need to check it out.


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