ABZU is an exploration game where you are a lone diver in a lush ocean world The diver descends deeper and deeper into the depths where she will encounter majestic creatures discover ancient secrets and search for her true purpose ABZU roughly translates to "The Ocean of Wisdom" from ancient Sumerian ABZÛ is the first game from Giant Squid a small game development studio led by Matt Nava Nava was the Art Director behind the critically acclaimed and ground breaking game Journey  Features Fluidity ABZÛ is not a scuba sim There are no air gauges or weight belts Instead the focus is on the sense of majesty and awe inspired by exploring underwater environments and encountering wildlife To achieve that ABZÛ is designed to create a completely fluid experience There is no fail state that breaks the flow of gameplay The unique swimming controls are also fluid we allow the diver to pitch freely in the water allowing complete freedom of movement Ecosystem The world of ABZÛ is populated by tens of thousands of dynamic fish These fish are all aware of each other and the diver They follow rules that govern real fish behaviour which causes emergent schooling and darting ABZÛ also features a food chain simulation with predators eating smaller fish and others grazing on corals and algae This is all possible due to unique animation and rendering techniques that Giant Squid has developed Connection Many games that feature animals offer limited interaction with them usually "shoot them with a gun for upgrades" ABZÛ captures meaningful and respectful interactions with creatures The diver can reach out and touch creatures allowing her to ride and school with them These mechanics will allow the player to form a more genuine connection with sea-life they encounter




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